A downloadable PL-10 for Windows

Inputs :

-Left click or ZL/L2/LR to shoot / confirm options
-Right Stick to Aim

-Left Stick to Move
-Z or W to go up
-Q or A to go left 
-D to go right 
-S to go down

-Escape/Start to pause

Welcome to PL-10 !!

In this Bullet Hell Game, you must kill all enemies within 10 seconds before the next wave comes. 
Before the start of each level, you're given an upgrade that will totally change the flow of the game.
Think you can manage all 4 levels ?
Find out now by playing PL-10 !

Check out the OST here : https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLyErVOWW8EVqDV3JmKT_ZMnj1WHJBKCBv


Aylwen : https://twitter.com/Aylwen7
Calou : https://caloudev.itch.io/
Drone : https://kuru-drone.bandcamp.com/releases
PURE : https://twitter.com/EtienneCmk
Hellsnake : https://hellsnakednb.bandcamp.com/releases
Andolink : https://twitter.com/Andolink66

Change-log :

- The Fall Angel wants to kick ass in the new "Level 4 : Hell" !!
- Gamepads (Xbox/PS4/Switch) are now supported !!
- Tutorial room
- Updated feedback when you get hit
- The Canon Upgrade which was not really useful as been replaced by the Follow Upgrade
- You can choose the screen shake intensity (and remove it also)
- The main menu have been update a lot (mouse control)
- Player movements have been update, the player is now a bit faster
- Screen effects in Level 3 have been reduce

- You can exit the game and restart the level in the pause menu
- You can now choose to start from the level of your choice
- The HP limit is now at 12
- Music loop fixed

StatusIn development
Rated 3.3 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)
AuthorsPL-TEAM, Hellsnake_sfx, CalouDev, Andolink, EtienneCmk
GenreAction, Shooter
Tags2D, Bullet Hell, Futuristic, Top down shooter


PL-10 - Version 0.1.zip 129 MB
PL-10 Post Jam Update.zip 129 MB
PL-10 JAM Version.zip 108 MB


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super cool continuez comme ca

Merci ^^